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SPECTRUM DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY & RESEARCGH CENTRE, is a privately held, test, certification, and verification company. We leverage more than decade of experience to offer a vast range of engineering services and supply chain management solutions.

Spectrum Diagnostic Laboratory & Research Centre, provides testing, certification, and verification in the fields of Insulating Oils, Transformer Oil, Lubricating Oil Electrical, Drinking Water, Packaging Water, Constriution Water, Chemical, Mechanical... through our expanding network of easily accessible, fully accredited testing laboratories and certification houses. It does so as per the international standards of ISO, IEC, BIS, ASTM, and NABL within its state-of-the-art facilities with a comprehensive digitalized data management system, lending out outstanding calibration services to numerous instruments with extremely precise measuring tendencies.

Working as a trusted extension of your engineering team, we stay connected during every phase of your project. In performing essential checks and balances to a host of industries, our engineers and technical specialists are relentless problem-solvers. They simplify the complex and tackle any challenge to produce the accurate, timely results you need to bring your product to market fast.

We’re the Experts

Few companies can equal our decades-long accumulation of knowledge and hands-on experience across so many industries. Multi-expertise is our competitive edge, and yours. Yet each day, Spectrum Laboratories works to fine tune, grow and evolve that unique expertise. We are constantly developing more precise standards and increasingly detailed methods to give you the peace of mind that your project is with experienced and professional people. And by sharing insights openly and pursuing every possible solution, we foster the collaborative, efficient processes that fuel the timely, accurate completion of every job.

We Never Rest

We’re immensely proud of our history and past success. But we keep looking forward; staying alert to unexpected challenges and opportunities. As a growth-oriented company, we actively seek to expand through innovation and carefully planned acquisitions.

People, People, People

The human power of Spectrum Laboratories is our greatest strength. It’s Talent, Training, Credentials, Experience and Integrity is the foundation for maintaining the highest standards of quality, diligence and accountability. From entry level employees to senior management, we hire and retain the best and brightest in their fields of specialization.

Let’s Connect

Feel free to explore our site, then let us know how we can help you in testing your products.